Safety Tips

September 12, 2015

Fall Sports


Fall sports are in full swing with the change of season. Injuries to the hands and wrists are very common in sports such as football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey. Know what to do if you are injured and when to seek help! Read more…



November, 2014

Turkey Carving Safety


Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like football, family and the enticing aromas of turkey, stuffing, yams and pumpkin pie. But no matter what’s included in a Thanksgiving spread, one dish nobody anticipates is a hand injury. This holiday season, the American Society for Surgery of the Hand cautions carvers to take steps to carve the main course and not their own hands.  Read more…


October 14, 2014

Safe Pumpkin Carving

JayTFall is here along with all the October festivities. Don’t let your Halloween become a nightmare! Read these safety tips when carving your pumpkin and keep your fingers safe.  Read more…






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