Hamilton Soccer Team – Chichoy Alto School Project


The Men’s Hamilton Soccer team is finishing its work to help build a school in Guatemala. They took their team spirit, muscle, a huge supply of cleats, soccer balls and a commitment to change the lives of those less fortunate.  By reading their blog, it is evident that lives did change on this trip, including those of these fine young men.


DAY 6 – Excerpt

If you wanted to see a group of grown men shed some tears today you should have been in the first floor classroom of Chichoy Alto’s lower school today. It was a very emotional day. After working hard in the morning at the school and sweating on the rooftop while working on the rebar and support beams, we took a break and sat in a small classroom with some of the children from Chichoy Alto, their parents, our group of 10, and Hugo. This was an unplanned meeting, and none of us, including Hugo, knew what was about to happen, let alone what we were even going to talk about… ~ Alec Talsania

Read more as the Men’s Hamilton Soccer Team share their experiences at:

Hamilton Men Soccer Guatemala

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