What is a Medical Mission

MMIn developing countries, many children are shunned by their societies for having deformities such as cleft lips, orthopaedic deformities or dysfunction,   misalignment of the eyes, clubfeet or severe burn scars.

Through medical missions and corrective surgeries, these children gain even more than the capacity to lead productive lives; they regain their dignity.

Children and their parents are so eager for this care and a chance at a better life, that they frequently travel days to reach the mission site and then stand on long lines before they can even be seen by a medical professional.Congenital

In many cases, surgery means the difference between a “normal” life or a life of dependency on others.

Doctors, nurses and volunteers change one life at a time in developing countries.

Thousands of children receive care that is unavailable to them in their countries, but commonplace in the United States.

Even more inspiring is the fact that medical mission teams have trained and equipped hundreds of medical professionals in host countries to perform updated procedures.

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